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The Results of Quarantine No One Warned You About

Updated: May 24, 2021

The past year for us all will be one that will go down in the record books and one of the most challenging years of our lives. We were faced with a global pandemic, managed to survive our first unstable presidency, and witnessed our US capital being breeched by his believers. The year 2020 came in like a lamb, turned into a lion and ushered 2021 with the same attitude impacting each one of us in some way. As we now begin to adjust with a glimpse of normalcy slowly making its way back some of us are dealing with another pandemic of our own that no one really talked about on the news to prepare us for it.

The pandemic of, “My Summer Clothes No Longer Fit Anymore.” As the seasons changed, we found ourselves basking in the rays of the sun and shedding our fall wear for our spring/summer fashions. Unless you are like me of course, then you found yourself sitting in the middle of your closet frustrated because the cute outfits that you could not wear anywhere last summer because of COVID no longer fits or they fit just a tad bit too snug because of the Quarantine Fifteen. This new gain on top of my baby weight that I was already struggling with was not what I expected for myself. (My baby is 18 and yes, I still claim my baby weight from 18 years ago)

All last year during the pandemic with not a lot to do I found myself scouring the web for new recipes to try. Why not when I had the time to research and cook the meals with the ordinary tasks, I would be doing in a pandemic free world no longer being assessable. I enjoyed every meal created and devoured each with a smile while licking my lips oblivious to the fact that I would pay for it in the future. And guess what? The future is now!!

I have tried on every article of clothing I have and either it will not slide up my new found hips or the buttons are threatening to give way resulting in possible injury to anyone nearby. I was so taken aback by this that I marched out of my closet and straight to my kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine and sit on my patio to calm my nerves. As I took the third sip of the cool sweet goodness, I realized that the contents of the glass also contributed to my current dilemma. I had to admit that for the most part of 2020 I ate some good food and sipped on some good wine all year. It is no ones’ fault but my own and I knew that I must take the stand and do something about it.

I did just that by activating my gym membership and signed up for the six-week boot camp session. It was like signing up to die a slow death because the first day of boot camp I was certain by the end of the class that my workout partner was talking to my ghost because I died at least twice in that class and I wanted to quit. I went back and I made myself stick with it which was hard. Thinking back and in contrast I did not have to make myself eat those homemade Birria Tacos I made but here I was forcing myself to go to the gym. I came up with all kinds of excuses as to why I should not go to class each day.

“I didn’t have time to save my legs and I didn’t want anyone to see my hair that will be exposed from my ankles to my calf.”

“My whole body hurts from the last class and I need it to heal before going back.”

“My arms itch from the new lotion I tried, and I don’t want to be in the gym working out and have an “itch fit” in front of everyone.”

“I can’t find my supportive sports bra and my boobs will hurt if I don’t have the super control sports

bra that I always wear instead of the other one just like it.”

“I need to fold the laundry and put it away before it starts to pile up on me and I will get behind.”

Each excuse got just as stupid as the first and each time I made myself push through and go to class. Because of my push through I am proud to say I have finished the first six weeks and have signed up for the next six weeks class. I did not end this class with the total lost that I desired but it is a start, and I am forcing myself to stick with it.

Because of my attitude towards these two things internally I have been battling myself all week with the idea that I had to force myself to exercise but not one time did I have to force my car to drive me to Andy’s for a Stolen Brownie Sundae. Some things are so easy to get into and hard to get out of and this weight that I am carrying is no exception. Which brings me to this nugget I have learned throughout this process.

When we are thrown into the unknown and/or our normal changes to a new normal we must be careful how we process our way through it. We cannot take the easy way out to adjust and just get by we must be cognizant of how our actions could affect us later down the line. If I would have used that extra time to do something constructive besides exploring my culinary skills I would not be where I am today struggling to get this Quarantine 15 off me. We must stop putting ourselves in situations that is hard for us to get out of because the “getting out of it” part comes with a whole lot of extra unnecessary work that we will not like dealing with.

I hate a burpee more than anything in this world and I have cursed the person’s name who invented a burpee more than once, but I am learning to like them because they will be beneficial to me returning to where I want to be.

Year 2020 did not come with instructions of how to live during the pandemic and we all did the best that we could. If you find yourself in a similar situation as I am put that cookie down and get it right and get it tight. The days of me sitting in my closet searching for all my super stretchy jeggings and leggings are over. I spent a whole year in a legging which let me down making me think I had more room to eat when all they were doing was their job of stretching. Despite it all I will be back like I never left regardless of what it takes for me to get there.

My goal is by my 47th birthday, which is in August, is to be where I want to be which is healthy and comfortably fitting in all my clothing with no warning labels attached saying, “Caution button might pop and cause damages to your eye.”

I am on a mission and taking control of what I allowed to happen. I will guarantee you this: If another pandemic hits the great USA, I will be ready with a plan, purpose, and a new hobby other than cooking.

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