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Nights Like This I Wish

Nights Like This I Wish

In Second Fridays: Sip & Pain you meet Nadia and her girlfriends, Paige, Za’Brina and Sandra.  Of the four Nadia endured a level of pain that almost destroyed her from being married to a narcissist, Derrick, who was solely invested in himself.  Their marriage was riddled with marital issues to include issues with fertility, emotional abuse and infidelities that lead to him fathering twins with someone else.  With her friends by her side she was able to survive the turmoil Derrick put her through and is now embracing her new life post-divorce and is even open to dating and a new relationship. 

In Nights Like This I Wish, everything comes to a grinding halt when Derrick shows back up on her doorstep after the woman, he left her for deserted him and left him in a precarious situation.  Nadia’s life in once again interrupted by Derrick as he pleads his case to allow him to live with her until he is back on his feet.  Nadia who is a forgiven person, which is something she defends often with her friends, allows her heart to lead when making decisions despite what the cost is to her. This is what Derrick knows and what he is banking on when he lands on her doorstep with his twins in tow.  Only this time his selfishness is at an all-time high and he has a hidden agenda.  But when Nadia realizes it, she may be too invested to turn her heart cold which further complicates things for her and her newfound life.

If you have not read Second Fridays: Sip & Pain get it now before reading this one to get the backstory on Derrick and Nadia.

  • Release Date: January 29th

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